IST Solutions

Each business has its nuances, as does each system and most businesses have multiple systems throughout various functional areas. We are technology agnostic and have widespread experience of various systems. Regardless of the specific technology we expertly combine these with people and processes to provide complete Information Services and Technology (IST) Solutions.


An Accounting or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution as well as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is a need for all businesses.

These can be a paper-based accounting solution plus an 'ad-hoc' CRM solution, but most businesses will benefit from dedicated systems.

Depending on the size and complexities of your business, different systems will be deemed appropriate and often a single ERP system will also cater for your CRM needs.

We have extensive experience across a range of systems, including lightweight ERPs of Xero and MYOB Account Right, through to fully fledged ERPs of Oracle NetSuite, MYOB Advanced, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Depending on your business, a dedicated CRM system may be appropriate. The CRM system may be used as a wider 'XRM' solution being a Relationship Management solution for more than just customers, but also for suppliers, partners, competitors, and more. SuiteCRM is an open-source solution that we specialise in configuring and hosting, and we also have experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce systems.

We will work with you to ensure your people and processes are combined with the chosen ERP and/or CRM systems to provide overall efficient and effective solutions for your business.

    POS and Inventory

    Depending on your industry, a dedicated Point-of-Sale (POS) system and/or a dedicated Inventory Management system may be required.

    We have extensive experience working in Hospitality and Retail industries and have implemented, integrated, and enhanced numerous POS solutions including IdealPOS and Lightspeed Retail (previously VEND). Many POS systems have inventory capabilities and we have the experience on how best to configure these features and integrate to other systems.

    If your business includes manufacturing, processing, or wholesaling functions, then you may require a dedicated Inventory Management system if your ERP system does not have the capabilities. We have experience in configuring both dedicated Inventory Management system and inventory modules in appropriate ERP systems. We will ensure the overall solution will cater to your complexities, such as; Bill-of-materials (BOMs), True-landed-costs, disbursing importation and freight costs, multiple currencies, batch tracking, customer allocations, and integrations to other systems.

      HCM and Health & Safety

      Your people are a valuable asset to your business, requiring a Human Capital Management (HCM) solution of some description. This comprises of the core Human Resource (HR) components including employee records and payroll, but also other areas such as Talent Management which includes recruitment, performance management, and professional development. Another increasingly important consideration is Information Security to ensure you protect your employee’s information.

      Depending on the nature of your industry, there may be a need for dedicated Health & Safety systems to manage Incidents, Near Misses and Hazards for your employees and visitors, including customers and the general public.

      Whether you have a few employees or thousands, we have the expertise to enhance your solutions to ensure you attract, retain, and nurture talent, as well as improving efficiencies and health & safety.

      Knowledge Management

      Documentation is often overlooked with much knowledge residing in people’s heads. Implementing a knowledge management solution can greatly assist in identifying areas of risk and/or opportunities for enhancements, as well as assisting with training and handover tasks. Types of documentation include Operation Manuals, Business Process Maps, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Business Continuity Plans (BCP), and Disaster Recovery (DR).

      We are highly experienced in the various types of documentation required and create many of these as core activities in implementation projects. We are also experienced in various solutions for managing this knowledge to ensure the information is easily accessible and searchable, easy to update, and version controlled, if applicable.  

      Integration and Automation

      Most businesses use multiple systems throughout the various business functions, including external systems for suppliers and/or customers. Integration and Automation of data flow between systems improves both efficiency and accuracy, by eliminating human error.

      Most mature systems have Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allowing easier access to integrate systems together.

      We have expertise in designing and developing integrations using various programming languages and middleware technologies including FLOW Software, SSIS, and Azure Data Factory. We are also experts in building Data Warehouses / Data Lakes and automating the population of these from the source transactional systems.

      Industries We Support