IST Projects and Initiatives

We help manage your Information Services and Technology (IST) projects and initiatives, ensuring these align to your Information Systems strategy.
Using modern frameworks, methodologies, and toolsets, we efficiently progress projects through milestones and risk management.
We fully manage implementations ensuring People, Process and Technology combine to deliver a return on your investment.
Smooth change management is delivered with full training, documentation, support, and business continuity plans.

Project Management

There are two broad types of IST Initiatives:

Investigation Initiatives - Reviewing the current state, identifying opportunities for enhancements, and deciding which specific Implementation Initiatives should be made
Implementation Initiatives - Implement change, be it process enhancements only, enhancing existing solutions, or implementing new solutions

Depending on the type of initiative and complexities involved, varying levels of project management will be appropriate.

We will apply the appropriate frameworks, methodologies, and tried and proven processes to ensure these are successfully delivered.

    Agile Projects

    Investigation Projects

    Before jumping into implementations, it is important that an investigation or discovery piece of work is conducted to ensure the correct solution(s) are implemented.

    Depending on the complexities, a number of the following activities will be conducted:

    • Stakeholder Requirements - confirming the 'problem statement' that necessitates a solution
    • Solution Boundary and Solution Requirements - defining the scope of the solution
    • Solution Justification - ensuring a 'benefits case' exists which justifies that investment in a solution will provide benefits to the business
    • Solution Evaluations - evaluating solutions against the requirements to determine the recommended solution
    • Recommended Solution - high level design of the recommended solution, implementation schedule & costs, and long term future state

    An important part of the investigation is reviewing the current state and we use Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) to assist in confirming existing business processes.

    BPMN is then used again in conveying the future state with the implementation of the Recommended Solution.

    The outcome of the investigation is to reach an implementation decision. If the investment costs are large and/or complex, then a formal Business Case may be required before a final implementation decision can be agreed.

    We will help you efficiently and effectively conduct IST Investigation Initiatives to ensure the most appropriate solutions are chosen, so these can then be implemented to deliver benefits to your business.

      Process Map

      Business Cases

      Large IST solution implementations that are likely to incur high costs and/or high complexities (including risk), usually necessitate a formal business case before an implementation decision can be agreed.
      We have extensive experience in writing business cases and will help your business make well informed decisions on the correct course of action for IST.

      Where possible, a phased approach is taken to ensure early return on investment and increased agility to take advantage of the ever-changing technology advancement landscape.

      Scope Impact Matrix

      Implementation Projects

      Successful implementation projects require the combination of People, Process, and Technology.

      It is common for benefits to be realised from Process enhancements alone (without any technology changes), but it is rare for technology enhancements alone to deliver benefits.

      Change management is often the biggest risk to IST projects. Adequate attention to the impact on people is required to ensure they are 'brought on the journey' with positive engagement.

      We will work with you and positively engage with key stakeholders and people throughout the implementation project.

      Using modern tools we will ensure open and transparent lines of communication to all relevant people, including external stakeholders if required.

      With a proven track record of delivering IST projects of varying sizes and complexities, we will ensure successful implementation through handover to 'business as usual' (BAU).

      Project Gantt Chart

      Documentation and Training

      Documentation is a core component of all projects that we pride ourselves on delivering to an exceptional level. These are written in language appropriate for the intended audience with sufficient detail to ensure systems and solutions are fully supported today and into the future. Part of the documentation includes the all-important Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery to ensure appropriate processes are in place, should certain scenarios occur.

      Training and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) go hand-in-hand, and we take a 'train the trainer' approach to give your key people the confidence and resources to champion the enhancements or new systems being implemented. We will work with you to help structure and conduct the training and SOPs with the intent that the ongoing updating of SOPs becomes part of your key people's responsibility, to ensure these stay relevant and assist in delivering ongoing enhancements.

      OneNote SOPs

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